A Guy and His Bible

A Guy and His Bible is a daily podcast with the focus of Creating, Equipping and Growing disciples for Christ. Every day, host Patrick will concentrate on a small portion of God's Word and examine how we can take it and turn Scripture into a tool for bringing those we come into contact with closer to The Lord.

Recent Episodes

Jan. 23, 2021

Jesus Only

We must stop adding things to salvation... it comes through Jesus only

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Jan. 21, 2021 Book Of Daniel

Daniel 5 1-12

A ruler is in Babylon, and he decides to mock God

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Jan. 20, 2021 Book Of Daniel

Daniel 4 28-37

We close out chapter 4 as we examine Nebuchadnezzar being humbled by God for not heeded the warning to stop being so prideful

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Jan. 19, 2021

Do You Have Ten

If God gave you this challenge, would you be able to pass it?

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Jan. 18, 2021 Book Of Daniel

Daniel 4 19-27

We must always be willing to be honest of God's truth no matter the consequences

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Jan. 16, 2021 Book Of Daniel

Daniel 4 1-18

Nebuchadnezzar reflects on the greatness of God and has his second disturbing dream

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