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Are You Lying To The holy Spirit?

May 31, 2021

Have you ever lied to God? This is a brutally honest question we all have to ask ourselves. We may not even see it has lying to God, but whenever we convince ourselves that the show of a sacrifice for God without a follow through of the sacrifice itself,...

Observations Discipleship

Who Is Your Sphere of Influence?

May 19, 2021

One of the things we must remain aware of is we have influence over those around us. No matter what our circumstances, we are called to always be a shining light to both bring people to Christ and to help those in Christ grow in their Godly relationship....


How Are Your Thoughts Established

May 16, 2021

How do you go about your day? Is it through thoughtful prayer and consideration fo the will and plans God has for you? Or you do find it is easier to ask for forgiveness for not following God’s plan than it is to ask and wait for Him to reveal with plans...


Keep Forgiving

May 14, 2021

We must make every effort too not let unforgiveness and bitterness take hold of our lives. It is a poison that can block the work we do for God's Kingdom by causing us to constantly look back at the people in our past with resentment and hostility instea...

Observations Discipleship

Start The Conversation

May 7, 2021

It can be very difficult at times to talk to someone who does not know God about the importance of having eternal security in heaven. Especially when we do not know how to even start the conversation. Today, Patrick looks at some questions we can use to ...


His Workmanship

May 5, 2021

Why are we here? This is a question that has been bantered about for years in college classrooms and lecture halls around the world. But the answer sits right in Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church. In today’s episode, Patrick looks at one verse from th...


Does The World Hate You

May 4, 2021

Our call as Christian leaders and disciple makers should be to stand out from those who do not follow Christ. Unfortunately, most Christians today blend in some much into the world that it is impossible to see where any line between their church / Christ...


Welcome To God's Family

May 3, 2021

How do you respond when someone who has hurt you proclaims faith and salvation in Christ? The reaction we have to those who are new Christ is an important aspect to look at in our Christian walk. Do we embrace the new found freedom from sin the person ha...


Let's Talk Legalism

April 30, 2021

A legalistic mindset in a church and in a Christian is damaging to the Kingdom. We are covered under Jesus’s blood as the atoning sacrifice to gain eternal salvation, and adding to this sacrifice through rules and laws is not only an undue burden to plac...

Observations Discipleship

Tell Your Story

April 28, 2021

When was the last time you told your conversion story? The Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts gives an account of his calling to King Aggripa. Paul lets it be known that he was called and commissioned to turn all from darkness to light and from Satan to Go...


Stop With The Church Dress Codes

April 26, 2021

Patrick examines a recent encounter with someone who felt they had to dress a certain way to attend church


Too Much In The World

April 21, 2021

We must make sure we do not slip so far into the world that we forget what our mission is


Are You Jonah?

April 17, 2021

Do you have a bad attitude or reaction when someone who you think is undeserving comes to know God?


What’s Your Excuse?

April 16, 2021

We need to be begin seriously looking at the reasons we are not taking the Great Commission to heart and just GO!


Steps To Cmmunicating With God

April 13, 2021

How we prepare and speak with God through prayer is a big indicator of how serious we take our prayer life